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Mini Smart Garden Hydroponics Growing System

Indoor Garden with Intelligent Lighting Source – LED Light Source for Enhanced Photosynthesis – Electronic Control    


Grow Herbs From The Comfort Of Your Own Kitchen!!

Feature One

A Must For Enthusiasts: Whether a gardening hobbyist or you simply enjoy growing your own fresh herbs and vegetables, this smart greenhouse for indoors is a perfect choice for beginners and experienced!

Feature Four

Fresh Herbs and Veggies: Grow premium quality organic herbs and greens with this smart garden kit which provides fresh plants all year round! From basil, parsley, thyme, mint, lavender, strawberries or chili peppers, the possibilities are endless!

Feature Two

State Of The Art Technology: These self watering pots for indoor plants feature latest technology based on intelligent LED lighting and auto-watering function, with 3 lighting modes for optimal growth results.

Feature Five

Enhanced Photosynthesis: Each LED light source inside this indoor herb garden is equipped with a lens which significantly improves PPFD. The switch button allows you to select between normal, enhanced or super mode, making your plants enjoy artificial sunlight.

Feature Three

User-Friendly Design: Unlike similar products on the market, this herb garden kit indoor has a practical, easy to use design with full electronic control and timer switch, photoelectronic sensor and low energy consumption.


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This product was easy to assemble and it's the perfect size for your kitchen or window. It's user friendly which is welcoming to someone who is new at growing vegetables. I would recommend everyone to purchase this and start growing fresh herbs and vegetables!

Jeanie M

Founder/Hatura Inc

My Get Fascinated Mini Smart Garden arrived packaged perfectly and without defect! I have always wanted to be able to grow a garden, however, time is not on my side. This will make it super easy to do and it will be fun to watch it happen right inside of my home. The instructions to set up were very simple and it was set up in no time at all! Another thing that I like about it, is I don't have to worry about bugs!!! It is going to be so easy! I am super excited to grow the garden I have always wanted. I am looking forward to my first "bloom" and to explore many more to come!

Shellie C



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You only need seeds. No soil. It’s hydroponic. So just add water into the tank. It has a water pump that waters the plants for you! There is a video here showing how it works. All they have to do is refill water when it gets low

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