Its All On How You Want to Look At it!

She is beauty yet a beast that has journeyed. He is a king, but has been wounded on his trails. Both are not afraid of a battle that might be lost. After learning that some of these battles were supposed to be lost. Yet, together we are a wrecking force not to be played with! Gayle Vincent formerly Gayle Blanks. From building an empire in health and fitness to knowing that letting loose and finally freeing herself gives her flight.
Ramon Vincent, with a background of film, editing & shooting booty models for Men’s magazines. A life of babymama drama and dealing with parental alienation. Finally finding a woman that brings out the best in him.
Together we have been on a lot of peoples hate lists. LOL!
Together we have found the Ultimate Experience! 

Mission Statement

By sharing our life experiences, Thoughts, & opinions. Our mission is to Grow, inspire, & be better assets to this wonderful life. Along the way you might be entertained.